The ANYX InterTabac Experience: Innovation, Connection, Disruption

The ANYX InterTabac Experience: Innovation, Connection, Disruption

The ANYX InterTabac Experience: Innovation, Connection, Disruption



ANYX is thrilled to announce our participation in the InterTabac trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories taking place September 14-16 in Dortmund, Germany. As one of the largest B2B events worldwide for the tobacco sector, InterTabac provides an invaluable platform for ANYX to showcase our latest innovations.


ANYX booth will allow visitors to explore our extensive product range firsthand. Our showstopper ANYX MAX PLUS series with a groundbreaking 8000 puff capacity per pod will take center stage. Attendees can also experience cutting-edge designs across our closed system devices and discover pods in over 20 flavor profiles(Including 12 flavors which haven't launched).


Beyond showcasing our products, InterTabac enables ANYX to connect with distributors and partners worldwide. Our global team looks forward to meeting peers within the vaping industry to exchange insights and ideas. We strive to elevate the ANYX brand internationally through engaging media and attendees at InterTabac while forging new collaborations.


"InterTabac is the perfect stage for ANYX to debut new products and demonstrate our commitment to quality and creativity," said Lee Ming, PR Manager at ANYX. "We are still a young brand, but leading exhibitions like this provide opportunities to highlight our growing presence in the global vaping space."


ANYX is investing significantly in R&D to deliver ever-improving "Sensit Coil" vaping experiences. Our passionate team will continue listening closely to user feedback to develop devices and e-liquids that align with consumer needs and preferences. We sincerely appreciate the community's ongoing support as ANYX pushes boundaries.


To learn more about the innovations ANYX is unveiling at InterTabac, visit our website or connect with us on social media. We look forward to cementing old relationships and sparking new connections at this premier German trade fair.

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