Some Types of Vapes You Should Know About

Some Types of Vapes You Should Know About

A vape pod is a handheld device powered by lithium-ion batteries designed to mimic the sensation of smoking without combustion. Nicotine options are customizable from 0% up to 5%, with flavors ranging from tobacco to desserts to unflavored. Cannabis vapes are portable battery-powered or larger desktop devices that heat the material, from dry herb to concentrates



Nicotine vapes

A nicotine vape is not just for quitting smoking. Nicotine vapes can also be used to help you manage withdrawal from the first six weeks of quitting, to help you cope with stress and anxiety, or simply as a drug that gets you through an afternoon slump.



E-cigarettes are designed to mimic the action of traditional cigarettes, delivering the nicotine and carbon monoxide that you crave. The water vapor these devices produce contains no smoke and doesn't contain any carcinogens or other harmful toxins. E-cigs are also sold in various flavors and strengths.

  • Small and convenient
  • Perfect for stealth vaping
  • Discreet
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Single-use increases waste
  • Flavor output is average
  • No refilling

Pod vapes

Pod vapes are some of the most practical vaping devices available. This vape is usually a two-piece device, similar to an e-cigarette, with one piece being the battery and the other a replaceable and often refillable pod. They are also a perfect fit for nicotine salt e-liquid, making them a very efficient vape for nicotine delivery.

  • Very easy to operate
  • Practical form factor
  • Refillable or replaceable pods
  • Button or draw-activated
  • Ideal for stealth vaping
  • Quality and performance can vary greatly between devices
  • Low vapor
  • Frequent recharging of batteries


Box mods

Box mods are the most common type of vaping devices, and their popularity is growing every day. They may look like e-cigarettes or smart devices, but they're actually much larger and more powerful than anything that's been seen to date. Not only do box mods come in many different shapes and sizes, but they also have a wide range of performance, power and battery life. As you get used to all the new features that come along with owning a box mod, you'll find yourself asking: what should I buy?


  • Many options to choose from
  • Higher performance
  • Long-running internal or external batteries
  • Can be used with other tanks
  • Complicated
  • Too advanced for novices
  • Expensive
  • Not very pocket-friendly



Regulated squonk starter kits

When you’re looking for the best vape mods and sub-ohm tanks, Classic Vapes offers the largest selection of vaping products and hardware at the lowest prices possible. Offering the widest range of vaping kits, we offer everything from starter kits to high-powered sub-ohm tanks, allowing you to build your very own customized vaping platform.


  • Very high-performing devices
  • RDAs can be built to one’s needs
  • No need to drip
  • Increases liquid capacity
  • Turn non-tanks basically into tanks (extra liquid storage)
  • Freshly soaked wicks offer fresh flavor
  • Complex; not for beginners
  • Small parts to keep up with and maintain
  • Required cleaning to ensure clean flavor performance


Which type of a vape should you buy?

Vape is a common question but rarely can it be answered for you. It will always be a personal choice. Most important are your needs, your budget, and your willingness to tinker with electronics. Furthermore, though it may seem shallow, you should really consider the look and size of the device. If a big bulky device doesn’t fit in your lifestyle, you can effectively rule out half of your options. Of course, the same is true if your budget isn’t limited or you aren’t concerned with pocketability.

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