ANYX MAX PLUS Receives Top 10 Best Beginner Vapes Award from VAPE HK

ANYX MAX PLUS Receives Top 10 Best Beginner Vapes Award from VAPE HK

Recently, the renowned vaping media outlet VAPE HK selected “the top 10 vapes for beginners 2023”, and ANYX MAX PLUS, a product from the pod system expert ANYX, made it to the list. This recognition underscores the outstanding performance of ANYX MAX PLUS and serves as the perfect gift as the ANYX brand celebrates its one-year anniversary.

ANYX MAX PLUS - A Game-Changer in the Industry

The ANYX MAX PLUS brings a blend of simplicity and advanced features, making it a balanced choice for newcomers. It’s an excellent option for those looking to explore more features as they get comfortable with vaping.

                                                          -Vape HK


ANYX MAX PLUS is an innovative creation from ANYX, setting itself apart in the industry with its super-sized pod design. This product boasts an impressive 8000-puff capacity, incorporating the family's SENSIT COIL craftsmanship to deliver high flavor retention, minimal decay, and extended battery life. This innovation prioritizes the user experience, making e-cigarette use more convenient and cost-effective.


VAPE HK selected ANYX MAX PLUS as one of the "Top 10 Best Vapes for Beginners in 2023" for its ability to offer exceptional entry-level experiences. The design of ANYX MAX PLUS seamlessly combines simplicity with advanced functionality, making it an ideal choice for novice users. With its 8000-puff super-sized capacity, this product ensures an extended vaping experience for beginners. Additionally, ANYX MAX PLUS continues the family tradition of SENSIT COIL craftsmanship, maintaining high flavor retention and low decay, guaranteeing users the best taste and vaping experience. VAPE HK believes that the outstanding performance and exceptional user-friendly design of ANYX MAX PLUS make it a standout choice in the beginner e-cigarette market, deserving its place in the top ten.


VAPE HK's selection of ANYX MAX PLUS as one of the top 10 beginner vapes reflects the product's excellent performance in the market. This award also emphasizes ANYX's commitment to continually enhance the user experience and meet user demands.


About ANYX

ANYX is a user-driven brand. Our entrepreneurial attitude allows us to provide safe, reliable, and high-quality products for our users while simultaneously creating value for our partners.We always put enjoyment and sensory pleasure at the top of our core values.We are an atomization technology company integrating strong R&D team (consisting of 120+ engineers), production, and sales and an advanced digital marketing inventory management system.We are proud of owning more than 2300 industry patents and 120 production lines covering 3 production bases.Our list of management certifications is extensive, which includes ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO20000/GMP, etc.


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