Special Flavors of ANYX Pro Pod

Special Flavors of ANYX Pro Pod


Summer time, beach and chill out vibes. This exciting new flavor is perfect for those moments when you need to unwind and re-energize.

As a classic alcoholic cock-tail flavor, it creates a perfect balance of sour and sweet. This flavor combination is unlike any other, which makes it perfect for those who want to experience a taste sensation different than anything they have ever tried before! A sexticious blend of tropical fruits with a hint of rum. A must-try for any fruit flavor you. A one-of-a-kind flavor that no other brand has generated! With its special blend of citrus fruits and tangy sweetness, you will get everything you need to bring your vaping experience to another level!

If beach time is your thing, then this is the flavor for you. This drink flavoured pod comes in a special design with all your summertime needs: relax, chill out, and go ahead and vape. Get the right vibe this summer by enjoying the best Vape Experience.


Pizz Water

Key words: Football, Man, Bar, what comes to your mind?

You got this .

Pizz Water’ is a scarily accurate beer flavor. this flavor is actually inspired by a fictional brewing company from the Grand Theft Auto games, for everyone who's been wanting a vape experience without the hassle, we've made it happen. This is a beer flavored pod system just using a single ingredient to deliver the top quality you want because when you're on holiday and need to chill out with your best vibe, we want to make sure that's how you feel.

Unlike any other flavor, this is unmistakable with its soft notes of hops and a well-rounded carbonation that makes it so realistic.




MR Pepper

This flavour harnesses the sweet, fizzy and instantly-recognisable taste of a punchy cola-like beverage that you can probably guess by its name.

Including notes of mixed fruits and just a touch of cooling in there, you can certainly expect to feel refreshed when vaping this flavour.

Due to its rather simple set of ingredients, it didn’t come across as too overpowering and was extremely pleasant to vape.









How does it sound? power, energy, strength, or braveness?

We believe that the best way to live your life is to win at it.

That's why we're here: to give you the power to combat any obstacle, no matter how big or small. You can be the one who determines what's possible for you and your life.You are a seeker. So are we. We want to know what the world has to offer—and then use it all up until there's nothing left.

This flavor is strong and unique, but without the harshness of most energy drinks. A unique blend of flavors, containing herbals and natural ingredients, will leave you feeling invigorated with powerful energy and ready to take on your day.

This is an extrodinary flavor for warriors, designed for the serious collector, or even just the person who wants to feel like they are ready to combat, with this pod, you get everything needed to battle along side your army.

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